@REFRAME, we stand for...




Leveraging Design, Human Habits, and Technology to create products and experiences that people talk about.

Making Design a competitive advantage for your business.

Our mission is to create better, more sustainable, higher-quality products that drive positive change in businesses and society.

What we do

Create epic products & experiences,
that people talk about.
By leveraging Design as a competitive advantage, for a better future.

How we do it

Our approach is simple, fun, and engaging. We blend design, human habits, and technology in a three-step process.

Design Strategy: We diagnose the current situation and reframe it to identify opportunities.
Reframe Creation: We customize the strategy and implement design, user insights, human behavior, and technology.
Production: We handle production and testing, ensuring the final product meets your highest standards.

Who we are

We are a dedicated Design Studio led by the reframer Roberto Inderbitzin.

We strive to help businesses grow in a resourceful way, leveraging design as a strategic tool for sustainable success.

Why we exist

To inspire and guide the world to create physical experiences that matter.
That impact the world positively!

What we stand for


To leverage design in creating sustainable, high-quality physical experiences, driving positive transformation in businesses and society.

Where we are

Zurich, Switzerland