Guiding Process

We start by asking "WHY" of a project, then explore the client's "HOW" of manufacturing, before designing the "WHAT" - the final product or service.

Our approach is effective, fun, and engaging.
We blend Design, Human Habits, and Technology in a three-phase process:
Diagnose the current situation and reframe it to find opportunities.
Customize the strategy and define design concepts, user insights, human behavior, and technology.
Refine Form and function. Support in production and testing, ensuring the final product meets your highest standards.


Virtual Reality
Since 2019, REFRAME has been at the forefront of virtual design, innovating with tools like VR Headsets and being part of the test group for Gravity Sketch. Our commitment to these technologies enables us to stay abreast of the latest updates, exchange insights with international collaborations, and deliver superior design experiences for our clients.

Depending on your project's complexity and scope, we work with professionals within our vast network to help you reach your vision. All partners work according to our manifesto
Facilitators Agencies 3D Artists Engineers International manufacturers.
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